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Training Programmes Duration Date Amount Program Overview
FUNDAMENTALS OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 2 Days JULY 5-6 December 4-5 N45,000 This program is designed to help participants understand the basic skills of becoming an Human Resource person; know what the Life Cycle of an Employee is, the dynamics of HR Strategy and how it helps to achieve organizational goals in order to become an ideal HR person.
TMM SERIES: PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS 2 Days JULY 31– AUGUST 1 N60,000 Personal Effectiveness course helps with understanding own personal working styles and how it impacts on others. Looking at ways to improve professional and personal potential by making positive changes and developing and managing self better.
TMM SERIES: TEAM THAT SUCCEEDS 2 Days AUGUST 2-3 N60,000 Our  interactive team leadership course  facilitates the  improvement of team leadership skills, team communication skills and team management styles useful to both new teams and existing teams.
EFFECTIVE FINANCE OPERATION AND CONTROL 2 Days AUGUST 16-17 IN95,000 This training serves as a tool to re-equip persons currently functioning in accounts, finance or internal control related roles within an organisation, it provides the professionals the chance to review and re think their current practices and benchmark against international standards, network with other practitioners and adapt to the ever changing business environment.
ESSENTIAL FRONT OFFICE MANAGEMENT SKILLS 2 Days AUGUST 31 - SEPTEMBER 1 N55,000 Front office managers are an organization's first-impression representative. Handling several people simultaneously with professionalism and poise is a skill that cannot be wished away to ensure business growth. This training is designed to equip front office managers with the required skills to perform optimally
TMM SERIES: FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT 2 Days SEPTEMBER (TBD) N60,000 Both organizations and individuals need accountability and effective stewardship of financial resources in order to achieve goals. Building a strong financial management skill play a key role in your organization's success and success retention. The Financial Management module is set to equip you with all that you need to have your goals met and esure the continuous growth of your business as it relates to your finances.
TMM SERIES: PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT 2Days SEPTEMBER (TBD) N60,000 Performance management module is designed to help you understand how performance management systems can be effectively utilised to raise the performance of individuals and teams so as to enhance their skills in setting clear expectations and objectively measuring individual performance using objectives and competencies as key measures.
HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT FOR SUPERVISORS 2 Days SEPTEMBER 26 -28 N75,000 This course is designed to equip supervisors with the skills they need to manage the HR aspects of supervision. You will learn about key responsibilities that supervisors have in the areas of hiring, conducting performance appraisals (including assisting employees with unacceptable performance), mentoring, and employee relations.
DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP CAPABILITY 2 Days OCTOBER 9-10 N85,000 Leadership is central to development of any organisation as it has within its grip people who are most important factor in any business or endeavour. This course helps you managing the reality of getting the best from a wide variety of people who need to work together and also how to give you a deep sense of your own leadership style.
CRITICAL THINKINNG SKILLS 2 Days OCTOBER 23-24 N95,000 Critical thinking is imperative to an innovative and exceptional result in your business or career. It is an essential business/life skills that allows us to think outside the box, spot consequences and inconsistencies, construct and evaluate arguments, identify relevant ideas and systematically solve problems. This training programme seeks to give you a great push in your ability to think clearly and rationally, using information to solve problems in our teams and organisations
CREATIVE BUSINESS THINKING 2 Days NOVEMBER 15-16 N85,000 The invasion of technology has made the all facet of human endeavour dynamic by the day, so also is business culture all around the world. Innovations then becomes innevitable to stay in the market. Our critical business thinking programme helps you develop a mindset that facilitates creative thinking, stimulate your own ability to ideate by mastering creative thinking techniques, understand how to turn ideas into new solutions, processes or products, and create a motivational climate that stimulates creative thinking
CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE ESSENTIALS 2 Days NOVEMBER 27-28 N75,000 "Customer experience essentials helps you to create a stronger service culture that builds loyal relationships with your customers and. Satisfied customers are converted to loyal customers. Excellent customer service leads to more sales from existing customers. A customer service focused company has reduced employee turnover and also helps in ensuring upward move of revenue. This training program is essentail for all customer service officers and business owners."
  • Key: TMM (The Middle Manager) is our customized series development training programme.
  • All our programs can be run as in house training courses for your departments/teams . Up to 10% Discounts available for multiple nominations; Investment fee covers Feeding, Training Pack, Certificates and Two weeks Post Training Checkup and Engagements.
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